Meet Our Newest Member, Rachel!

Meet Rachel Elms, our newest member and the writer behind Sustainably Simple !

Why did you start blogging? I studied geography at university and I loved it but my career has taken me down a different route so I use my blog as a way of maintaining and expressing my interest in sustainability. I really enjoy writing Sustainably Simple and I hope it will encourage others to make more conscious decisions in their everyday lives.

What do you primarily blog about? I take a broad approach to the topic of sustainability, blogging about anything from fairtrade food recipes to zero waste ideas at home. The majority of my posts are based around the idea of simplicity - I want to make it easy for people to live more sustainably.

Tell us a bit about your life- what you do for work, where you live, any fun or interesting facts about yourself? I've just moved to London and so I'm really excited to discover new sustainable finds in the city - places to eat, shop, explore! 

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Meet Our Newest Member, Laura!

About Laura: 

Laura's blog focuses on sustainable fashion and helping women become more conscious shoppers and cultivating confidence through their clothing choices.

Just for fun:

"I have an insatiable thirst for helping rescue dogs; I have been married to my highschool sweetheart for almost 17 years, together over 25; I will re-use paper coffee cups until they start to disintegrate."

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Meet Our Newest Member, Ellie!

About Ellie

Ellie writes Selflessly Styled: a style blog dedicated to conscious consumerism. She focuses on ethical fashion: sharing interviews with the people behind ethical brands as well as other ethical consumers, and offering tips for an intentional/minimal closet.

Just for fun:

Ellie grew up at an orphanage in Mexico that her parents oversaw. (Sadly, she barely speaks any Spanish anymore!). She also plays the harp... but doesn't usually play classical harp music- she likes adapting current hits and seeing if she can make them work on the harp. Sometimes it works and other times it just sounds weird!  Also, Ellie once made the mistake of peeing on a fertility shrine in Mongolia. Long story and most embarrassing moment ever!

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Meet our Newest Member: Laura!

Meet Laura

Laura is a yoga teacher and ethical consumerism advocate who loves Love, Sleep, Food, Yoga, and Travel. Laura's blog is in the beginning stages and we can't wait to see what she develops as it grows! 

Just for Fun:

Laura's full legal name is Laura Nohealani Emiko Toyofuku-Aki, which takes up two lines on her drivers license. Though she's Hawaiian and Japanese and born in CA, Laura doesn't like coconut anything and refuses to surf (her dad says it's because she was raised on the "mainland."). Laura has been married for 5 years- she and her partner eloped with only Laura's best friends present, but she doesn't wear a wedding ring and to this day some people don't know! .


Meet New Members Jill, Luke, and Olivia!

Jill and Luke Matthews

Husband and wife blogging team Jill and Luke write about sustainable and ethical fashion and conscious lifestyle topics on their lifestyle blog Sutton and Grove. They are committed to featuring good brands, products and non-profits that either give back or have a sustainable business model, and also write about self improvement and thought provoking topics all from a his and her perspective.

Fun Facts: 

  • We backpacked around Morocco for 5 weeks on our honeymoon.
  • Luke lived in Israel for 6 months when he was 21 years old. He worked on a chicken farm while there, and loved it.
  • Jill has known how to dirt bike since she was 8 years old.




Olivia Youngs

Olivia blogs about minimalism, intentional living & slow fashion at Simply Liv and Co

Fun Facts: 

  • My love for minimalism evolved from an unplanned pregnancy and a time in my life when life wasn't simple or minimal at all. Simplifying my life helped me find joy, no matter the situation.
  •  I met my husband on a mission trip to Latvia in 2012.
  • Specialty coffee and music are my other two passions. One day I hope to own a coffee shop that incorporates both.



Meet New Members: Carly

Meet Carly...

Where are you located?

Chicago, IL

What do you primarily blog about?

Sustainable, Fair Trade, and thoughtfully made fashion and beauty products.

Just for fun-tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. I can shake my eye balls back-and-forth super duper fast! I have no idea how I learned to do that, but I've been able to do it since I was little.
2. I used to hip-hop dance competitively. Now, I save my moves for the Chicago bars.
3. I still have my childhood stuffed animal named Kitty - she's a cat. Clearly, as a kid, I liked getting to the point. My parents told me I stole her from my brother. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Meet New Members: Courtney and Nicole

Meet Courtney and Nicole...

Where are you located?

Fort Worth, TX

What do you primarily blog about?

We blog about brands that give-back.

Just for fun-tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. Courtney and I (Nicole) run Narrow Collective together.
2. We have known each other since we were 12 and we played basketball together for 6 years!
3. Courtney has a super cute puppy named Milo and we love long walks and the beach!

Meet New Members: Jennifer

Meet Jennifer...

Where are you located?

San Francisco, CA

What do you primarily blog about?

I am committed to blogging about sustainable fashion and inspiring others, especially young adults, to approach life with an environmentally and ethically conscious mindset.

Sustainable Siren is my wholehearted commitment to sustainable fashion, meaning head-to-toe outfits put together from pieces that are either organic, recycled, secondhand, vintage, ethically made, fair trade, handmade, made in the USA, DIY, convertible, or that utilize zero-waste design.

Just for fun, tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. Outside of my blog, I am currently studying sustainable fashion design at the California College of the Arts!
2. I didn't start out as a sustainable fashion blogger. After blogging for 4 years, I realized that I didn't want to contribute to the fast fashion system anymore—and thus Sustainable Siren was born!
3. I have a birthmark on my forehead. I usually edit it out in photos though because it sometimes looks like a blemish from far away :P 

EBN Member Post Round-Up: July 2016

It's summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and a lot of us are feeling the heat! We've been ramping things up here at the Ethical Blogger Network and we're excited to bring you the first official monthly blog post roundup, featuring a few of our members. Get inspired by reading the posts below!

One Scarf, One Life - Saiint

It’s not always easy to write posts about beautiful ethical fashion brands when you’re looking out of the window into grey skies (in London even though it’s summer and in Cape Town, where it’s winter!), but when you’re pool-side in Mallorca, it somehow gets the creative juices going in a special way. Both of us have been away recently, Diana in India and Katie in Mallorca and with this recharge comes great inspiration and a drive to move things even further forward with Saiint, and what better way than to bring to the forefront the incredible brand ‘Une écharpe – Une vie (one scarf, one life) who’s aim is to redefine the way we view luxury scarves...


Hello readers! We have all been waiting & doing a warm up to ready for the London vs. Paris green startups face-off – a friendly duel to see which city has a stronger start-up culture in the green space (pollution as we know is no more the bane of Asian countries only). In round one, the London-based blog Ethical Unicorn founder Francesca Willow introduces us to five of her favorite startups from the city. So hear the bell ring and here goes! Over to Fran!...

AUSTIN, I’M HERE! - The Peahen

I just made a cross country move from Florida to Austin, Texas! I uprooted my life to give The Peahen a better place to grow in a city that’s become a hotbed for creativity and innovation.

How do I explain the Austin vibe to you? It feels like a cop out to compare it to Brooklyn because cities are a really nuanced thing. But in the sake of simplification, it makes for a valid metaphor. So here it goes: Austin is like Brooklyn circa 2001 – diverse, progressive, and on the cusp of an economic boom – but subtract the ‘artisanal everything’ and add the great outdoors...

The Top 10 Modern, Ethical Clothing Brands - The Curious Button

Unless you’re all about the boho/hippie look, you’ve probably had some frustrations with the ethical clothing brands available to you. I know that the last thing you want to do when you decide to start shopping ethically is to sacrifice your personal style to do so...


It wasn't until this year, that I discovered (was told by my sister-in-law) that the sunscreen I've been slathering on my pasty skin throughout my life in order to enjoy the outdoors, and often times enter bodies of water so I might enjoy the magical aquatic creatures and plants which dwell there is, in fact, causing murders of the mass variety to the very creatures I consciously wish to conserve...


The last time I dyed my hair with henna, I was intrigued by the instruction booklet's suggestion to use hot tea instead of water to alter the final color: black tea to reduce the red undertone, red tea to enhance it. I stuck with regular hot water that time around, but I made sure to stock up on tea for the next time. And that time is now!...

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Meet New Members: Veronica

Meet Veronica...

Where are you located?


What do you primarily blog about?

My blog, The Fresh Issue, is about my life as a conscious consumer. I share my thoughts and ideas on fashion sustainability, my outfit looks, travel experiences, and cruelty-free beauty. With TFI I’d like to inspire people to choose better, to shop smarter, and still have fun!

Just for fun, tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. Dancing to RnB/HipHop is my most favourite workout and a way to destress
2. I drink at least one glass of champagne or beer before the flight, because I am scared AF! Yet, my father was a pilot. I guess I didn’t get that part of his DNA.
3. I absolutely love to spend time in men’s fashion department. I love men’s clothes! 

Ethical Blogger Network Chicago Meetup!

Our Ethical Blogger Network in Chicago got together this past month for an evening of ethical fashion and connection with local brands. Our friends at Mata Traders generously invited us to hang out in their beautiful space, allowing our group to browse rows and rows of fair trade garments and jewelry pieces fresh from Mata's manufacturing partners in India! 

Also with us for the evening were reps from Heshima Kenya and Causegear. Heshima Kenya, a social enterprise providing economic opportunity through to women and girls, showed off their beautiful hand-dyed scarves and staff member Emily spoke of the importance of job creation in pushing back against injustice toward women. Causegear founder, Brad, talked about setting fair wages (Causegear pays workers five times the normal wage for garment workers in India) and the power that consumers have to create positive change, stating- "When 25% of the US shifts $65 in fashion purchases in one year to 5X brands, one million lives will be transformed for justice."

The power of community is important when living an off-the-beaten-path lifestyle, and it was wonderful to see new friendships being forged and connections being made between bloggers and business owners! 

Event swag bags included beautiful Heshima Kenya scarves, bags from Causegear, and a Mata Traders piece (bloggers had fun trying on new pieces, a luxury for those of us who do most of our ethical shopping online)! 

Stay tuned for more Ethical Blogger Network events coming soon to a city near you! 

Meet New Members: Christina

Meet Christina...

Where are you located?

Chicago, IL, U.S.A + Paris, France

What do you primarily blog about? 

finny+dill is a green style guide lovingly curated to bring you the best in natural beauty, ethical fashion + sustainable design: products with heart that are good for people, the planet + animals. Each week I showcase a new eco blogger, slow fashion brand or fair trade boutique. From my green heart to yours.

Just for fun, tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. I'm a word nerd who love dusty books + vintage bookshops.
2. I have a parapetic heart + an insatiable appetite for travel.
3. I have a 14lb rescue dog named Electron. He's the boss.

EBN Project Update: A Beautiful Refuge Workshop Tour

Ethical Blogger Network founder, Hannah, traveled to the Philippines this spring to help launch new social enterprise, A Beautiful Refuge, in partnership with Safe Refuge, a community center committed to helping women on the margins. Ethical Blogger Network members helped raise much needed funds for supplies, and it's incredible to see the fruits of everyone's labor. I (Leah, Communications Director) even bought one of A Beautiful Refuge's t-shirts, which I'm quite enjoying. 

Check out the post below for photos and info about the A Beautiful Refuge workshop!

We're now several weeks into launching A Beautiful Refuge and we're excited to now have a functional workshop space! This space is temporary, as we're actually having a new little space built that we should be able to move into in early May, but it works quite well for now and we're grateful to have it! 

Our project team member Nicola took some shots of our current space, and we'd like to share a little visual tour with you:

Meet New Members: Fran

Meet Fran...

Where are you located?

London, England

What do you primarily blog about?

Waste free, cruelty free fashion and beauty in the UK. There are some amazing zero waste blogs out there, but I think living in London makes certain lifestyle changes seem unfeasible to people, so they don't do anything. I want to help people find simple solutions and redirect their consumer habits into better choices. I'm making these changes myself as I write about them and bringing people along for the ride - definitely learning as I go here!

Just for fun-tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. I trained in contemporary dance, and I spend a lot of my time when not blogging dancing to poetry written by some of my best friends.
2. I'm originally from Newcastle, North England, and I have very strong geordie pride!! (geordie is the name for Newcastle natives).
3. I try every day to write down 3 things I'm grateful for.

Meet New Members: Dana

Meet Dana...

Where are you located?

Detroit, MI

What do you primarily blog about?

The Closet Confessional is a fashion and lifestyle blog, that has recently shifted from your typical fast fashion blog (ex fast fashion addict here!) to one that commits to ethical and sustainable fashion. My hope is to show that ethical fashion can be just as modern and stylish as its fast fashion counterparts. 

Just for fun-tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. I was a vegetarian for a decade because someone said I couldn’t last a week (which makes me extremely persistent and stubborn).
2. 10 years ago I moved to Detroit on a whim for a love story (and haven’t looked back since). 
3. I’m a two time cancer survivor and believe the slow food movement is just as vital to our health and environment as the slow fashion movement. 

Fashion Revolution Week 2016 Roundup

The Ethical Blogger Network's Call-to-Action for Fashion Revolution Week 2016

The Ethical Blogger Network's Call-to-Action for Fashion Revolution Week 2016

The Ethical Blogger Network is comprised of ethics-loving women and men from around the world. It's inspiring to see people unite across borders and language barriers, and we're pleased that so many of our members participated in Fashion Revolution Week this year, which took place April 18-24. 

A bit of background on the Fashion Revolution movement:

On April 24, 2013, a large clothing manufacturing building in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed due to structural failure, killing 1,130 workers and injuring over 2,500. When it was discovered that prominent Western companies such as WalMart, Gap Inc., and Primark operated out of the facility, consumers worldwide were moved to do something about the poor conditions and inhumane treatment of these important people who clothe the world through their work at factories in Bangladesh and elsewhere. 

Designers Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro started Fashion Revolution Day the following year, both to commemorate the lives of the people who were killed or injured in the horrific event and to mobilize consumers to take action to change the industry for the better. The cry of the Fashion Revolution is "Who made my clothes?" and each year more and more people participate by wearing their clothes inside out, attending local events and demonstrations, and asking companies, "Who made my clothes?" on social media. 

Our Members' Fashion Revolution Week Posts...

Hannah of Life Style Justice wrote a piece on fair pay and transparency issues at a Fair Trade Federation certified company:

Yes, but how much are your paying her?

Even though it's not a fashion brand, my thoughts have centered around a particular company with white-hot anger for the past few days. There’s a fair trade paper company operating out of Southeast Asia that sells cute handmade cards. They market themselves as a Fair Trade Federation member and a cause based company that “provides employment for sex trafficking survivors”. Their website is full of photos of women who have "escaped prostitution", and stories of their lives and how this company is "helping" by employing them...Read the rest here.

Holly of Leotie Lovely wrote a series of posts around the #haulternative concept created by the Fashion Revolution team and made some great videos, too:

#Haulternative: Investment Pieces

As a broke blogger, investment pieces, even as an eco conscious consumer, leaves me shaking in my boots. Committing to the community is not my problem, my bank account is. But I realise how important buying things you love which are made to last is and I've halted all purchases on my side until I can afford to participate in buying better.

Read the other posts here.

Anna-Lena of Needles and Pinecones wrote a series, too:

Fashion Revolution Week, Tag 1: Who made my clothes?

Habt Ihr Euch jemals gefragt wer Eure Kleidung genäht hat? Habt Ihr Euch jemals gefragt ob dieser Mensch für seine Arbeit angemessen bezahlt wird? Oder unter welchen Bedingungen er arbeiten muss? Ob er seine Familie von seinem Lohn ernähren kann? Ob er ein Dach über dem Kopf hat? Ob er in seinem ganzen Arbeitsleben schon jemals einen freien Tag gehabt hat?

Click around on her blog for the rest of the series!

Urban Meisters talked about ethical fashion in the context of H&M's Conscious Collection:


Would it not be amazing if a well known International fashion label that is cool and trendy, with a large choice for everybody and accessible all over the world would be eco and so eco it would get supported by our green hero like Greenpeace, WWF & friends and validated by our Eco-fashion community? This would be amazing, right? Or at least a super facilitator to reach out to a larger target.

So when you hear that a brand like H&M goes Conscious this would help us make the Fashion world a little bit greener and a little bit easier, no? Unfortunately it is not that easy...Read the rest here.

Leah of StyleWise expanded the concept to talk about the revolution in our hearts:


I want conscious consumers to become conscious people. 

I want this for myself, but I especially want this for the good of our growing conscious community. Instead, I fear that we're still operating, however unintentionally, under an "every woman for herself" ideology that favors the collective only as a means to get ahead personally and professionally...Read the rest here.

Dominique of Let's Be Fair shared some tips on kicking a fast fashion habit:

5 Simple Ways to Kick a Fast Fashion Habit

Obviously we support and love Fashion Revolution but we know that changing the way we shop is just really tough! So today we wanted to share five simple things you can start doing right now to help you ditch fast fashion and start shopping more ethically!...Read the rest here.

Kasi of the Peahen interviewed the founder of Indelust:


I was inspired to start Indelust following the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013. I became committed to supporting and promoting the craft heritage and up-and-coming makers of the Indian subcontinent. The disaster really motivated me to create a platform where I could share a stronger social message and celebrate the handcraft traditions native to the region. At its core, Indelust is about fostering an emotional connection between the consumer and her purchase. We do this by telling the story of the independent designers and artisans who make what you wear, which is a refutation of everything that led to the Rana Plaza disaster. Given a choice, we believe people will support a production model that allows for the creation of beautiful things which also uplifts those involved in their production...Read the rest here.

Kim of Kim Goes Oko discussed H&M's recycling initiative:

I've changed my mind. H&M is kidding me...

But back to business: let's crack the numbers (thanks to the Guardian): Due to the variety of collected clothes, not all materials can technically be recycled. Lucy Siegle calculated that H&M will take up to 12 years with today's innovations to recycle all collected clothes. That is the equivalent of what the company produces within 48 hours!!! And to top this green washing initiative: H&M schedules the World Recycle Week to be simultaneously to Fashion Revolution. No worries, you'll read more about it soon here on the blog...Read the rest here.

City Girl at Heart asked one of her favorite fashion brands, Toast, "Who made your clothes?"

Time For Transparency TOAST! Fashion Revolution Week #EthicalTuesday

TOAST you have an air about you, that you’re doing the right thing. Your clothes have a ‘do gooder’ style about them. You value serious thought in many broad fields, including art, literature, design, philosophy, food, travel and science.   Simplicity. Modernity. Comfort. Colour is your mantra. Established in West Wales in 1997 you claim to be ‘renowned for uncompromising commitment to quality, creativity and thoughtfulness and manufactured by trusted suppliers around the world’ If this is the case TOAST tell us more, spill the beans what have you got to hide?...Read the rest here.


  • Johanna of Bedremode attended an event in Copenhagen.
  • Anni, who works at Greenheart Shop in Chicago, attended an event in Chicago.
  • The women of Dress Well, Do Good attended an event hosted by Ten Thousand Villages in Austin, Texas.

Did you participate in Fashion Revolution Week this year? We'd love to hear about it!