Meet New Members: David

Meet David...

Where are you located?

San Diego, California

What do you primarily blog about? 

I write about practical ways to reduce your environmental and social impact. I believe the biggest way for us to decrease our impact is to be more conscious about our consumption. This means shopping smarter, using less, and reusing more! I have a degree in environmental studies and experience in research and spatial data, so it's in my nature to dig deep into subjects and offer an objective analysis. In my "This vs That" posts, I compare two actions/items/etc. (e.g. shopping online vs. driving to the store) to reveal which has a lesser impact and why.  

Just for fun-tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. Growing up I had trouble matching my clothes... When I was 21 I discovered I'm "color deficient" through an online exercise as part of a class assignment. Now I just ask someone for help when I'm uncertain ☺.
2. I credit surfing for my patience and drive to conserve nature.
3. People like tell me I look like someone famous. The three most common "star" references I get are 1. Jim from the office, 2. Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, and 3. Fernando Alonso - the Formula One racer.