Meet New Members: The Women of SHE Changes Everything

Meet Jennifer, Lindsey, Heather, and Janice...

Where are you located? 

Malibu and Las Vegas

What do you primarily blog about? 

SHE Changes Everything is full of Sustainable, Healthy, and Ethical resources ("SHE" is an acronym!), company profiles, and encouragement to empower women to shift slowly toward a more impactful SHE lifestyle...together!  

Just for fun-tell us a few quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. One of us LOVES flea markets and instantly turns into a fearless bargainer.
2. Another of us LOVES to color...she was "adult coloring" long before it became cool.
3. One of us was recently trapped in between two elephants on a bridge in Uganda, while she was unknowingly pregnant with her first child, which she thought was malaria when she returned home. 
4. And the other one keeps the three dreamers focused and on task. 

Can you guess who's who?