Meet New Members: Fran

Meet Fran...

Where are you located?

London, England

What do you primarily blog about?

Waste free, cruelty free fashion and beauty in the UK. There are some amazing zero waste blogs out there, but I think living in London makes certain lifestyle changes seem unfeasible to people, so they don't do anything. I want to help people find simple solutions and redirect their consumer habits into better choices. I'm making these changes myself as I write about them and bringing people along for the ride - definitely learning as I go here!

Just for fun-tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. I trained in contemporary dance, and I spend a lot of my time when not blogging dancing to poetry written by some of my best friends.
2. I'm originally from Newcastle, North England, and I have very strong geordie pride!! (geordie is the name for Newcastle natives).
3. I try every day to write down 3 things I'm grateful for.