Meet New Members: Veronica

Meet Veronica...

Where are you located?


What do you primarily blog about?

My blog, The Fresh Issue, is about my life as a conscious consumer. I share my thoughts and ideas on fashion sustainability, my outfit looks, travel experiences, and cruelty-free beauty. With TFI I’d like to inspire people to choose better, to shop smarter, and still have fun!

Just for fun, tell us three quirky or interesting things about yourself or your life.

1. Dancing to RnB/HipHop is my most favourite workout and a way to destress
2. I drink at least one glass of champagne or beer before the flight, because I am scared AF! Yet, my father was a pilot. I guess I didn’t get that part of his DNA.
3. I absolutely love to spend time in men’s fashion department. I love men’s clothes!