Meet Our Newest Member, Emily!

Our newest member, Emily, blogs at A Day Pack

EIN: Why did you start blogging? 

Emily: After learning as much as I could about human trafficking and slave labor, I started finding ethical fashion brands through research and social media. Blogging became a way to educate myself about new brands I discovered and inform others in the process. Blogging about ethical products has pushed me to uncover truth and live out that truth as a lifestyle. By choosing to dig deeper and unearth what’s real, lives are directly impacted and people are empowered to thrive. Knowing even my most simple ethical purchases could deeply impact another’s life is what keeps me fueled to not give up.

EIN: What do you primarily blog about? 

Emily: My blog is a bit of a hodgepodge of my life. Style, travel, my current thoughts on an array of topics. I primarily blog about ethical brands I’ve discovered and how to make shopping ethically work for any budget. I have a passion for making ethical shopping more accessible.

EIN: Tell us a bit about your life- what you do for work, where you live, any fun or interesting facts about yourself? 

Emily: My husband and I are currently on a short break from teaching English in South Korea. We reside just outside Seattle, Washington, and plan to move back to South Korea in the fall. My current days are filled with blogging, crafting, cooking up a new recipe, attempting to master Korean and electric guitar, spending time with family and friends, and planning for our next adventure! 

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