Meet Our Newest Member, Rachel!

Meet Rachel Elms, our newest member and the writer behind Sustainably Simple !

Why did you start blogging? I studied geography at university and I loved it but my career has taken me down a different route so I use my blog as a way of maintaining and expressing my interest in sustainability. I really enjoy writing Sustainably Simple and I hope it will encourage others to make more conscious decisions in their everyday lives.

What do you primarily blog about? I take a broad approach to the topic of sustainability, blogging about anything from fairtrade food recipes to zero waste ideas at home. The majority of my posts are based around the idea of simplicity - I want to make it easy for people to live more sustainably.

Tell us a bit about your life- what you do for work, where you live, any fun or interesting facts about yourself? I've just moved to London and so I'm really excited to discover new sustainable finds in the city - places to eat, shop, explore! 

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