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New Membership Criteria

As ethical bloggers, we understand the paramount importance of transparency –here is how we assess and approve new members:

Being an open, inclusive group, we accept all ethical bloggers as new members, subject to our two conditions:

  • ethical issues, such as fair trade or sustainability, must be at the core of your blogging endeavors. This means we would need to see that at least 50% of your posts are dedicated to ethical topics.
  • your blog needs to be independent of any ethical business you might run so we can remain objective about any product reviews. If you don’t meet this criterion, we encourage you to be part of our Ethical Business Owner’s Network.

If you’re just starting your blog, or are new to exploring ethical issues – we want to hear from you! We believe the Ethical Blogger Network can provide you a great space to grow through learning from experienced, supportive ethical bloggers.

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