Your paid membership to the Ethical Blogger Network includes:

  • Access to members only resources like stock photos, SEO tips, and ethical brands
  • An opportunity to take professional classes on topics that matter to you 
  • Inclusion in local meet up groups
  • Invitations and/or free/discounted tickets to exlusive events where you'll interact with ethical brands and organizations
  • An organized forum to discuss ethical topics and bounce ideas off of each other
  • Your content shared through our dedicated social media channels
  • Access to brand collaborations
  • Mentorship by seasoned ethical bloggers
  • Blogging-specific travel opportunities

Cost: $49.00 paid annually or payments of $4.50 per month *

Dues will be used to:

  • Pay for web services
    • Website, $25.00/month
    • Domain Name, $11.00/year
    • EBN Email Accounts, $20.00/month
  • Pay our 4 person leadership team for hours worked, varies by month
  • Maintain a small fund to book speakers and educators for special programs

*If cost is prohibiting you from participating in the network, please contact Hannah. You may be able to trade some volunteer time in return for membership.  


Yearly EBN Membership
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