Ethical Blogger Network Projects + Campaigns

Whenever you get a bunch of passionate, like-minded people in the same space, great things are bound to happen... and the Ethical Blogger Network is no exception! We believe in doing our part to create a more fair and ethical world. Here are some of the projects and campaigns that we've been involved in: 

A Beautiful Refuge

A Beautiful Refuge is the Ethical Blogger Network's first international development project!  Collectively, members of the Ethical Blogger Network raised nearly $10,000.00 to fund A Beautiful Refuge- a fair trade and eco-friendly screen printing workshop in Tagaytay, Philippines. Ethical Blogger Network members also contributed designs which will be debuted in A Beautiful Refuge's inaugural collection! 

A Beautiful Refuge is a for-profit sustainable business that functions under the umbrella of Safe Refuge, a non-profit resource center for women and children in crisis based in the Philippines.  Pervasive poverty and high unemployment in the Philippines leave children and young women particularly vulnerable to trafficking, malnutrition, and homelessness.